Read my lips


“I’ve read so much I can’t be written.”

My secrets pile under the surface –

Rise and resist, find happiness in whims.

“Into the search for the meaning of life

Alone is what you will find yourself to be.”



There are only images in my head.

I don’t think in words, I think into them.

I cannot find mine – only glimpses which fade

“Like every life you’ve ever loved”

The light always disappears.

Which darkness or light is a facade?

If they are both true, how am I supposed to?


“You can’t keep the vow of silence forever”

But now it keeps me – my second nature.

If only it hurt “It hurts! It always did!”

Buried issues too deep, into bone-marrow.

My vocal cords are nailed shut

Read my lips, read my lips –

I can utter no voice.

“Poise ghost”.


There’s a hurricane in the maze

Every voice of the beasts, slain.

Earthly words cannot cover – touches of death.

“For how long will you keep them dazzled?”

Written riddles, from the faces you read.

“Speak through yourself

Not the masks you see!”


A terrible plague – dancing

Through my nervous system.

You won’t believe me *sicker*

Splitting my conscious in two,

It feels so warm to be normal.

At least when I am outside,

When I read people.




(Alexandra Crisbășan)